BUSAC Fund is a pooled fund from DPs led by DANIDA. The Phase I of the Fund which was operated for 6yrs was launched in 2004 and Phase II is to last between 2010 and 2015. The overarching objective of the Fund is to ‘improve conditions for business operation including enhanced local and foreign confidence’

The study found that the Fund has supported several organizations, small and large scaled, and there is evidence of successful advocacy actions. The Fund is relevant in the Ghanaian context, and it is efficiently and effectively run. Much has been achieved and public response is encouraging and it is increasing.

However many grantees defined their achievement as “our voice has been heard”;“we have been able to speak to the authorities” or “we are now recognized”.This clearly is the essence of advocacy: as and when one is able to demand and receive his right in order to function in a society.

But sustainability of advocacy depends on three key factors: finance, technical skill and the institutional ability to prioritize and embark on advocacy. These appear to be lacking among many beneficiary grantees.  There is the need for an in depth impact assessment study on the grantees in the three key areas for both the umbrella organizations and their individual member organizations to ascertain the actual impact of BUSAC on the Ghanaian business environment.