The Asanteman kingdom has been built over a period of 300years. In 2003, 17 paramountcies were studied. Which included Tepa; Kokofu; Mampon; Nsuta; Kwaman; Kumawu; Bekwae; Asumenya and Agona. A paramountcy is a major division of the kingdom and the aggregate of these constitute the kingdom. At the head of all the paramountcies is the King, referred to as the Asantehene (the King of the Asantes).

The kingdom practices matrimonial inheritance, therefore each of the paramountcies traces its ancestry to an eponymous woman. Each of them has a peculiar cultural identity. For example, all children sought through the Tepa fertility god have a column of grey hair just above the forehead and Kumawu has a drum purportedly ceased from a shadowy figure, Owuo (Death), and three years after the seizure there was no death in the town. Kokofu has preserved Onyinasei ase, theonyina tree under which King Osei Tutu I was born, over 300 years ago.

Each of the paramountcies observe annual festival based on its unique history but the kingdom has one festival, Akwasidae, which all of them attend. Each paramount chief swears an oath of allegiance to the Asantehene and a violation to the oath is tantamount to dismissal.