Cycling is one of the major means of transport in Tema and Ashaiman. The research targeted riders, sellers, repairers and those who hire out the bicycles. The study was conducted within five communities in Tema, namely C13, C4, C7, C22 and C2; similar target groups were interviewed in selected locations in Ashaiman. Majority (55%) of them were aged between 18 and 35 followed by those aged between 36 and  45 years.

All the groups confirmed their preference for the use of bicycles as summarized below.

  • It is cheaper and quicker as it avoids traffic jams;
  • It is good for exercising the body.

However, some expressed the dangers associated with bicycle riding; citing some fatal incidents in which some of them were personally involved.

Commonly the following challenges to bicycle riding were enumerated:

  • Poor roads surfaces, streets without light that makes night riding difficult and also many hidden ramps on the road.
  • Lack of respect from the drivers and pedestrians would also not give way to the bicycle rider.
  • The Police would normally arrest a rider during rush hours without any excuse.

They recommended the following:

  • Creation  bicycle lanes
  • Education for drivers to respect bicycles riders as other legitimate road users.
  • Others mentioned the need for making available on the market riders’ suit
  • Reducing the taxes on bicycles to make it cheaper for all to buy.