Our vision is to become a center of excellence for human resource development through socio-economic research and capacity building.


Our mission is to undertake theoretical and operational research and place quality human resource at the center of an effective and efficient project management structures

Our Position on Development

At Jeavco, we believe that a nation develops as its people develop. An undeveloped people are a liability to a nation. We believe that a nation’s human resource base must be equipped with the required skills and capacity to enhance productivity and service provision; thus Human Resource Capacity Building is at the core of JEAVCO’s developmental philosophy.

As a sequence Jeavco holds as true that development should be participatory; it ensures communal ownership of concepts, processes and products. With practice, the processes can be reviewed, refined, replicated or repeated with reduced external input.

With our unique appreciation of development, we insist that development plans should be strategic and must be well coordinated in implementation.   This will ensure that investment made ‘today will not be a waste tomorrow’.  JEAVCO further believes in the complementary roles of strategic and operational planning.

JEAVCO was registered in June, 1999 with the Registrar General of Ghana and also with the Ghana Revenue Agency as a Limited Liability Consultancy Firm.